Accidents can change people's worlds in seconds—leaving them catastrophically injured—perhaps indefinitely in a wheelchair or with the life-long need of assisted care. The Millennium Angel Foundation is an exclusively charitable organization of structured settlement industry professionals committed to raising funds to be allocated to individuals with extraordinary needs.

Working in the structured settlement industry is already very rewarding as each day we strive to help individuals who have been catastrophically injured. We aim to maximize financial returns for these individuals, so that they and their families have the opportunity to live as comfortably as possible given whatever unfortunate circumstance they have gone through.

The Millennium Angel Foundation was established in 2009 as a way to better serve injured victims beyond what we do everyday. The purpose of the foundation is to raise money for a foundation fund which will then be allocated to injured victims going through the settlement process who are not currently able to support themselves. The foundation is funded by generous contributors, including participating settlement consultants and employees who have dedicated a portion of their commission dollars and salaries. 100% of the contributions go to benefit the grant recipients. Although we cannot meet every need of a given family, we try to assist families at critical times to help them pay for food, utilities, handicapped equipment, etc.

We hope that through fundraising, donations, and partnerships with other charitable organizations, we will be able to spread national awareness and shine light on the extraordinary needs of catastrophically injured individuals. Help us help others TRANSCEND LIMITATIONS.